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zipper classification

According to the zipper thickness, it can be divided into 3#, 5#, 8# and 10#. The larger the number is, the thicker the zipper is, and the stronger the tension is. Zipper is used according to the size of the bag. For general size bags, such as backpacks and handbags, 5# zippers are basically used. […]

Bag style

Any product is very particular about style. Before customizing a backpack, the style should be determined. The style orientation is different, and the effect of the following products will be totally different. The simplest distinction between styles is to make a soft bag or a hard bag. The usage scenarios of soft bag and hard […]

RPET zipper

The zipper can also be made of RPET, but most of them, only the zipper fabric is RPET, so the zipper teeth can’t use RPET materials. For example of the metal zipper, the zipper teeth must be metal, so this part cannot be replaced by RPET material. YKK has been developed such kind of RPET […]

Backpack for laptop

The backpack is deep inside, with plenty of storage space, organization pockets and lined padded sleeves to accommodate up to 15 inches of laptops. The padding at the bottom protects the internals while adding support to the base, so the bag can stand on its own when you lower it

Bags zipper

The zipper is composed of zipper fabric and zipper teeth. According to different zipper teeth, it can be divided into metal zipper, nylon zipper and dew zipper. The teeth of the metal zipper is metal, this kind of zipper has the advantages of high occlusiveness, durability, high grade but high price. It is mostly used […]

Upbag new backpack products-grey olive

Our Grey Olive backpack immediately attracted people’s attention, not only for its casual and practical tailoring, but also for its stylish color scheme. The combination of modern olive green and classic gray gives the messenger backpack a very special look, but it is not arbitrary. In addition, the backpack has an orange lining and comes […]

RPET Webbing

Now RPET material has been widely used in backpack production, mainly reflected in the fabric of backpack, lining. Because the spinning of the webbing is the same as that of the fabric to some extent, theoretically, the webbing can also be made into a complete RPET, but there is almost no RPET webbing in the […]

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