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Waterproof zipper

The functional backpack uses waterproof zipper, the zipper surface is coated with waterproof membrane, and it is mostly black. It will look very good when matching with the functional backpack. If you want to be special, you can customize the waterproof zipper of other colors, contrast with the main material of the backpack, or you […]

New Materials Develop

There are limited materials or colors in the market, but not all the existing materials and colors are suitable for the backpack products you are developing, so new material development and color development will often be encountered in the product development stage. The development template given by the laboratory is only a small piece of […]

Elastic bands

Elastic bands are also often used in backpack parts, such as the opening of the water bottle pocket. The opening can be adjusted according to the size of the water bottle placed, and the water bottle can be better fixed. The computer bag will often be matched with the elastic band. The elastic band can […]

Imitation nylon-Polyester

We have known that the basic feature of nylon fabric is that the surface is bright, while polyester is Matt, but polyester can also be made like the surface of nylon. This material is called imitation nylon, in fact, it is made of polyester. A long time ago, the fabric used for down clothing was […]

Dust bag

Many bag products will be packed with dust bags. When choosing dust bags, you need to choose smooth and soft materials. Cotton and flannelette are both good materials and very common materials. There are also thin and soft nylon or polyester fabrics to do, usually 210D density, this material has the characteristics of easy cleaning, […]

Common backpack materials-DRing

D-shaped ring, named after its shape like the letter “D”. It is very versatile. Often used on the strap to fix the water pipe, or hang some small objects There are not many types of D-rings. The curvature is very smooth, suitable for picking with your index finger or thumb, so some bags will design […]

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