Backpacks donation

Recently, Japanese organizations donated a group of second-hand backpacks to children in poor countries. This batch of backpacks also comes from commonly used by school students in Japan. This backpack has a unique appearance and large capacity, like a trunk. This backpack has been in Japan for many years. When you are in Japan, you […]

Equipment backpack

Many backpacks are designed to load aerial UAVs. This kind of backpack needs to be made of PE hard shell, which has PE cotton protective pad. This kind of backpack not only needs sewing technology, but also the shell hot pressing technology, which involves hot pressing mold. The machines used are relatively large, and the […]

Which backpack is best for college?

This is a stylish backpack with high functionality and stylish design. Made from simple white, this urban backpack instantly transforms your look from light to perfect shades for every look. It combines high-capacity, practical interior and exterior compartments, and padded laptop compartments to meet all the requirements of a perfect companion in the office, college […]

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