Reinforcement backpack

The most likely quality problems of backpacks are the stress parts, such as the four points connecting the straps, handle, zipper puller, etc. if the manufacturer’s materials are not good, or the stress position have no reinforcement, then the bag will easy be broken. When purchasing backpacks, you can pull some of these stress positions […]

reflection color

There are only two kinds of materials that can reflect light on the backpack, one is dark silver, the other is bright white. There is no other color that can reflective like this. Other colors are used for safety warning, only fluorescent effect, not reflection. All of these can light up in the dark, and […]

Reflective materials

It is more and more popular to install reflective part in backpacks, which is a kind of decoration and a safety measure. Reflective material is usually silver, because silver have the best reflective effect, which is usually used at night. But now there are many other colors of reflective materials, even illusion colors. These colors […]

Outdoor backpack for children

Outdoor backpacks used by children must pay attention to several issues when designing and manufacturing: First, the size of the backpack must conform to the child’s height, body shape and physical characteristics, not the backpack itself can be carried by small children. children. The point is that it depends on the length and shape of […]

print your favorite patterns on your backpack

You can print your favorite patterns on your backpack. These special patterns, including camouflage, are printed, not dyed. And the printed material should be polyester, and it’s better to use the white woven material, because the cotton material is difficult to print, and the printed pattern on the cotton material is not clearer than polyester. […]

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