Water-based Pu

Water-based Pu is a kind of environmental protection artificial leather material, which has the advantages of non-combustion, soft smell, no environmental pollution, convenient operation and processing, etc., so water-based Pu is a kind of environmental protection, non-toxic new material. The water-based PU leather used for backpack can also be combined with RPET material at the […]

Some common backpack materials

Leather Chemical treatment of leather, such as depilation and tanning, has anti-corruption effects; in dry weather, leather is soft and supple. Leather backpacks are simpler in shape, simpler in style, and more stable in dark colors. They can be used with formal clothing such as suits. They maintain a stable temperament and add a sense […]

RPET fabric backpacks

In order to reduce the further spread of marine garbage, we humans have begun to recycle marine garbage, crush marine garbage, and make spinning, weaving, and the fabrics made of such yarn called RPET fabrics. At present, RPET fabric have been made into various backpacks. As long as the backpacks are made of fabric materials, […]

PU leather backpack

Pu is a kind of material that can imitate leather. The imitation leather made of Pu has many kinds of pattern and colors. It is very suitable for the materials of fashion backpack. The products are well matched and beautiful. The life span of the backpack made of Pu is about 1-2 years.

Genuine leather bags

Leather bags are the most expensive. They come from the skin of animals, so the quality is very good. They are tough and wear-resistant. The backpack made of leather has a service life of 3 to 5 years or even 10 years, but the types of animal leather are relatively few, monotonous and poor plasticity. […]

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