RPET Webbing

Now RPET material has been widely used in backpack production, mainly reflected in the fabric of backpack, lining. Because the spinning of the webbing is the same as that of the fabric to some extent, theoretically, the webbing can also be made into a complete RPET, but there is almost no RPET webbing in the […]

Bags Webbing

We know that the commonly used fabrics for backpacking are roughly divided into cotton, polyester, nylon and other materials, and the webbing used for backpack is basically made of these three materials. In fact, fabric and webbing are all spun with the same yarn. Cotton webbing is matte and looks like canvas, which is a […]


The price of a bag is relatively high, and the materials used must be of considerable value. If a bag is very cheap, although the appearance hasn’t changed much, the quality of the material will surely be reduced, for example, the thickness of the material becomes thinner, the material of the material becomes non-environmental, and […]

Glossiness of materials

Different materials have different glossiness in surface. Because cotton fabric is spun directly from plants, so its glossiness is quite low, and it is matt on the surface. Polyester is the raw material extracted from petroleum and spun into yarn. Generally, its glossiness is matt. But its plasticity is very good. After heating treatment, its […]

Different fabric for different bag

The texture of the fabric will affect the overlooking of the backpack. According to the thickness of the yarn, the fabric can be woven into different densities. The thicker the yarn, the firmer fabric feeling will be. It is suitable for carrying tool bags and large backpack. The cloth woven from delicate yarn is relatively […]

Backpack materials

I found that there are many times, cross-border use of materials to make backpacks, can get a lot of surprises. In fact, there are very limited materials available for backpack in the market. Although the market is very large, but they have been classified according to their categories, so there are few materials specially used […]

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