A good looking briefcase

This is a quite pretty good-looking bag. The whole body is made of imported cowhide, surface is smooth and bright, and the black color makes it noble. matching with thick and solid silver hardware, makes it stable and atmospheric. Inside is Jackie Jill jacquard nylon, red contrast with black, makes it serious and dignified.

Facing this product, the first attraction is a big lock in the middle. Silver and black form a sharp contrast, which plays a role of lighting up the whole bag. This lock is also responsible for the role of loading. When lifting the whole bag, the strength will be distributed on the lock and the belts on both sides.

This briefcase is equipped with detachable shoulder strap, two dog hook link the D-ring on both sides of the bag, so that you can carry it by hand or by shoulder

There is a trick that a magnetic button hidden behind the side belt, which is very convenient to open and close. It saves the complicated use of the pin buckle, but also retains the good decorative effect of it.

The capacity of this bag is quite large. When you open the bag cover, you can see a zipper bag in the front, which can hold some books, notebooks and so on. There is a computer bag inside, which can hold a 15 inch computer. The zipper bag and the insert bag in it can place documents, mobile phones, etc

This is a very noble office partner, suitable for stable and successful person.

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