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There are limited materials or colors in the market, but not all the existing materials and colors are suitable for the backpack products you are developing, so new material development and color development will often be encountered in the product development stage. The development template given by the laboratory is only a small piece of material, and only A4 size at most. If you want to make a template with new materials and new colors, you need to find another way. 3D printing should be the best way, but the cost is very high. The traditional method is to make the desired new material and then make the product sample. But this method is equivalent to making an order with the lowest order quantity. The cost is also very high. If the newly developed material is not suitable, the material will be wasted. If you choose the existing materials and develop new colors, it will be much simpler. For example, you can print the desired colors on the materials, however there are many material surfaces that cannot absorb the printed colors, so you can also choose to smear the desired color layer on the leather surface, if it is cloth, you can choose small workshop dip dyeing and so on, and use different methods for different materials.

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