Inlay fabric for bags

The selection of the inner lining of the bag is also very important. What we pay attention to is a proper match. For example, the general polyester backpack and Pu backpack will choose the fine-grained polyester as the inner lining,like 210Dand 300D. Real leather bags,microfiber bags and even higher-end Pu bags will use cotton as the […]


Leather is made by physical and chemical processing such as hair removal and tanning. It has anti-corruption effect and is soft and supple when the weather is dry. The shoulder bag made of leather is more contoured, the style is more concise, and the color is mainly dominated by the solid dark color. They are […]

Coating materials printing

There is another very important point in printing, only single-layer materials can be used for printing, and materials with layers cannot be printed, such as waterproof coating, etc. Because the printing process needs high-temperature heating, the temperature is generally 218.5 ℃. If the material cannot bear this temperature, it will melt. Therefore, it is impossible […]

Materials printing

In the process of material printing, temperature is also involved. Similarly, polyester material is easier to print, because polyester can withstand high temperature, and the requirement of accuracy of temperature control is not high. But nylon is not the same, because the nylon material is very sensitive to temperature, so if the temperature is slightly […]

Nylon dyeing

The dyeing of nylon material is much more difficult than that of polyester, because the temperature has a great influence on nylon dyeing, and nylon with different density also needs different temperature, so it is necessary to control the temperature very precisely in the dyeing process, which requires a good dyeing machine and a rich […]

Backpack cleaning method

If it is too dirty, the backpack can be washed with a neutral detergent and then placed in a cool place to air dry, but avoid exposure for too long, because ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth. The specific method is as follows: Use a small brush to clean the floating soil, suitable for […]

Waterproof zipper

The functional backpack uses waterproof zipper, the zipper surface is coated with waterproof membrane, and it is mostly black. It will look very good when matching with the functional backpack. If you want to be special, you can customize the waterproof zipper of other colors, contrast with the main material of the backpack, or you […]

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