Genuine Leather

After special processing, the fur is used to make various leather goods. There are many types of leathers, various varieties, different structures, different qualities, and very different prices. Therefore, genuine leather is not only a collective name for all natural leathers, but also an ambiguous mark on the commodity market.

Compare large and small backpack

The complex and small backpack will be more difficult in technology, because the small backpack needs more accurate stitching line and alignment. When turning the bag outside from inside, workers should be more careful to avoid damaging the bag, which means more time and energy will be invest into it, so the cost will not […]

Hardware color

Luggage hardware is different from other hardware. In order to be beautiful, luggage hardware needs to be electroplated and colored, they are completed at the same time. The commonly used electroplated colors are gold, silver, gun, black and copper. Silver and gun color are commonly used colors, because this color is easy to achieve, so […]

Hardware electroplating

The quality of hardware is not only related to its material, but also closely related to the effect of electroplating. There are many kinds of electroplating, one is rough electroplating. which effect is not very good. It is generally used for bags that do not pay much attention to appearance, and such electroplating also for […]

Which kind of material is better for backpack?

Polyester fiber), spandex (stretch nylon), nylon (nylon). Polyester characteristics: good air permeability, moisture desorption, and relatively strong resistance to acid and alkali and UV resistance. Advantages of spandex: high elasticity, high elasticity and good recovery. Weaknesses: Weak alkali resistance, easy to yellow and brittle after being exposed to chlorine or ultraviolet rays. Nylon advantages: high […]

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