Outdoor backpack for children

Outdoor backpacks used by children must pay attention to several issues when designing and manufacturing: First, the size of the backpack must conform to the child’s height, body shape and physical characteristics, not the backpack itself can be carried by small children. children. The point is that it depends on the length and shape of the backpack belt, waist belt and chest belt, and the proportional relationship between the two.

The second problem is that the design of the backpack should take into account the bearing capacity of the child’s body, and avoid long-term heavy backpacks and incorrect postures to the greatest extent, which will affect the growth and development of children. This requires a scientific and practical design of the volume of outdoor backpacks, which not only limits the burden on children, but also limits sports equipment and small items that children must carry when they go out.

Another point is that in order to reduce the pressure on the limbs caused by the load of the backpack, it is necessary to design a carrying system that conforms to the child’s body engineering to ensure that the child’s carrying posture is correct, the weight ratio is balanced, and the back is very comfortable and stable.

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