Different fabric for different bag

The texture of the fabric will affect the overlooking of the backpack. According to the thickness of the yarn, the fabric can be woven into different densities. The thicker the yarn, the firmer fabric feeling will be. It is suitable for carrying tool bags and large backpack. The cloth woven from delicate yarn is relatively […]

Backpacks donation

Recently, Japanese organizations donated a group of second-hand backpacks to children in poor countries. This batch of backpacks also comes from commonly used by school students in Japan. This backpack has a unique appearance and large capacity, like a trunk. This backpack has been in Japan for many years. When you are in Japan, you […]

Backpack materials

I found that there are many times, cross-border use of materials to make backpacks, can get a lot of surprises. In fact, there are very limited materials available for backpack in the market. Although the market is very large, but they have been classified according to their categories, so there are few materials specially used […]

Pack Journey

Do you want to make your trip more emotional? More colorful? Then give yourself a backpack!They will never derail in your journey. Instead, they are good helpers and ornaments. When you embark on the journey with a backpack, you will be able to carry your dreams, your needs and your sense of security. This is […]

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