Backpack maintenance knowledge

1.Don’t always carry your backpack. If you are doing long-term exercise, you’d better not carry your backpack for a long time. Of course, carrying a backpack for a long time is not good for your body. Try holding it after an hour or two, then carry it on your back. The combination of work and rest can greatly extend the life of the backpack.

2.Let your bag see the sun often, don’t put it in a house without outdoor sports. Without the moisture of the sun, your bag may get moldy and at the same time there may be some odor, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

3.Try to avoid large-scale friction. In the process of use, you will inevitably encounter some wear. This is not to say that you cannot wear, but to minimize the damage caused by wear to you, so as to reduce wear and love more. Try to avoid areas with high friction or uneven surfaces.

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