Some common backpack materials

  • Leather

Chemical treatment of leather, such as depilation and tanning, has anti-corruption effects; in dry weather, leather is soft and supple. Leather backpacks are simpler in shape, simpler in style, and more stable in dark colors. They can be used with formal clothing such as suits. They maintain a stable temperament and add a sense of fashion. We are worth starting.

You can also choose a formal backpack, but style matters. The shape of the leather backpack is quite wide, matching the texture of the suit. Try to choose the same color as it, so it feels like a gentleman.

  • Canvas

Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric, named after the 8th century Nordic Vikings first used it on sails. The texture of the canvas is firm, abrasion-resistant, dense and thick, and has a certain degree of waterproofness. Backpacks made of canvas fabrics are rarely limited in style, print and color, so the canvas backpacks are stylish and vibrant, and easily match the most fashionable trend on the streets.

If you are fashionable and love the tide brand, then the backpack must be matched with a single product. At this time, you can choose the fashion trend in style and color. But pay attention to the color matching of the whole clothing and the backpack, such as overalls style, you can choose a combination of denim shirt, overalls, camouflage pattern backpack and leather boots.

  • Nylon

Nylon is the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world. It has good abrasion resistance and dust resistance. During World War II, it was widely used in stockings, clothes, carpets, ropes, fishing nets and other fields. Nylon fabric is often used to make outdoor sports backpacks because of its durability and easy care. It is one of the indispensable equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Today, the shape of nylon backpacks is gradually becoming fashionable.

Outdoor sports are also inseparable from the backpack. At this time, the style should be practical, such as mountaineering bags. Pairing can be simple sportswear with bright backpacks, simple and stylish.

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