How does bad backpacking habits affect our bodies?

Fashionable shoulder bags are popular with women. When many women carry shoulder bags, they are used to carrying on one side. Long-term shoulder bags, especially when the bag is heavy, are usually used to support the weight of the backpack or prevent the backpack from falling. Unilateral backpacks often unconsciously lift one side of the shoulder, while the neck leans unconsciously on the shoulder. the other side. This will cause the shoulder muscles to contract on this side. There are problems such as shoulder soreness and back soreness, which can cause high and low shoulders in the long run, thereby affecting appearance.

If male friends travel, most are backpacks. If the backpack is overloaded for a long time, it will also have a certain impact on health. If the backpack is overweight, the muscles of the shoulders and back will be oppressed and sore. Inevitable. In addition, the heavier the backpack, the greater the pressure on the knee joints, which is prone to joint problems.

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