Before Oil Edge

In order to make the leather oil edge better, we will polish the leather cutting edge before oiling, this step will make the edge smooth, easy to paint the oil. If the leather edge is not polished, the oil edge will be blistered, uneven and grainy, which will affect the beauty of the whole package.

A good looking briefcase

This is a quite pretty good-looking bag. The whole body is made of imported cowhide, surface is smooth and bright, and the black color makes it noble. matching with thick and solid silver hardware, makes it stable and atmospheric. Inside is Jackie Jill jacquard nylon, red contrast with black, makes it serious and dignified. Facing […]

Edge oiled

In order to pursue the good-looking edge, the leather products will be oiled the edge, and the cut appearance of leather will be covered by the edge oil. Edge oil can choose color matching, keep the same color with leather, or contrast color. Edge oil and leather keep different colors, which can give people visual […]

Backpack MOQ

For most manufacturers, the minimum order quantity of backpacks is to save costs. You need to know that the so-called luggage customization manufacturer is to customize the production according to the needs of customers. The backpack styles and materials required by each customer They are all different. In order to save costs, manufacturers usually prepare […]


CORDURA is a kind of quite noble nylon material, its weaving structure is different from that of ordinary nylon, so the CORDURA pattern will be more special, its material selection is not different from that of spinning, and the spinning used for the CORDURA will be more solid, so the CORDURA material is the first […]

Fuction backpack

Nowadays, backpacks are more and more pursuing the combination of function and beauty. For example, some backpacks can be equipped with rechargeable batteries to charge electronic devices, some can also realize the mutual conversion between backpacks and handbags, forming a dual-purpose, some backpacks even have electronic display screens, which can display special patterns.

keep shape–bone edge

In order to support the shape of the backpack, in addition to the rigid material inside, you can also add a bone bar at the edge, so that the backpack can keep its shape all the time, the edge will be more beautiful, and the corner will be more rounded. But the backpack with bone […]

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