Since 1999, we have focused on OEM/ODM of handbag, please contact us!

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20+ Years Leather Bag Manufacturer in China

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Maybe you heard PiquadroLancel and Givenchy. We processed some products with them. Including handbags, wallet, dust bag. 


Certification//SGS/SMETA/has been verified by world-leading inspection company,Intertek

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I originally worked in the glasses industry and wanted to expand into more projects. By chance, I saw upbag on Google and sent an inquiry tentatively. I didn’t expect to reply immediately. We had a good chat. And started cooperation in 2018.

Amanda Lee

CEO & Founder Crix

They have professional equipment and skilled workers, able to customize products quickly. They produced the backpacks I designed and now sell them all over the world.

Adam Cheis


Due to COVID-19, I cannot visit upbag in China this year. I hope that you will continue to provide our company with high-quality services and products and achieve the goal of over 100 million sales in 2021.

Monika Ols