Team Building on Christmas Eve

To strengthen the team culture construction, enhance team cohesion and enrich staff life, our company decided to hold team building on Christmas Eve, all of us in Business Department and our boss’s daughter and son, and her friends participated in the team building. ­We went OCT Harbour Shenzhen to have dinner at Butterfly Dream Music […]

Key employees go out to learn to improve execution

Upbag is an efficient and highly executed company and factory. We have never stopped learning to improve and change. On November 28, 2020, we convened all the key managers and employees to go out to participate in a course called: Improving Execution by Teacher Yang Gangdao. At that time, we listened carefully and actively participated […]

Best recycled plastic bags manufacturer

Best recycled plastic bags manufacturer-Environmental protection is now popular all over the world. In the luggage industry, environmentally-friendly material bags have gradually emerged in recent years. Therefore, more and more online stores and bag buyers from various countries are looking for reliable recycled plastic bag manufacturers. Many people don’t know what rPET material is, what […]

Share, Learn, and Grow together

Upbag It’s moment worth sharing today.  25 people from other companies in Shenzhen visited our factory on this morning. We met each other on last Saturday at the meeting visited a great arts and crafts company. At this meeting, firstly, every boss introduced their own company and their products, though we are producing different products, […]

Upbag Kick-off Meeting of Alibaba Shopping Festival

Upbag On August 26, 2020, all fellows from Upbag Co., Ltd attend the kick-off meeting of the shopping festival through the whole September, which gathering more than eighty one companies in Longgang District, Shenzhen City.At the beginning, the commander of chief introduces the flow of this activity. We are concentrated on every step and carry it […]

Discover a new live stream experience

A review of the 2020 year’s major events, the pandemic is impacting upon the global economy. Therefore, it’s clear that most of the business have to rethink their firm’s marketing strategy in order to limit the economic damage of covid-19. As we can see, the pandemic is giving live stream a boost,which has given birth to a new stage […]