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Best recycled plastic bags manufacturer-Environmental protection is now popular all over the world. In the luggage industry, environmentally-friendly material bags have gradually emerged in recent years. Therefore, more and more online stores and bag buyers from various countries are looking for reliable recycled plastic bag manufacturers. Many people don’t know what rPET material is, what its source is, what advantages it has, and what can be the Best recycled plastic bags manufacturer. Today, let me explain to you.

PET & rPET Plastic, Defined

rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate or recycled PET.  PET (polyethylene terephthalate) itself is a polymer used to widely manufacture affordable, durable, and recyclable containers and packaging as well as a form of polyester. PET containers are identified by a #1 code on the bottom. By converting post-consumer waste into a valuable resource, rPET excels in the sustainability compartment compared to virgin PET bottles. 

The use of rPET plastic is on the rise as a result of its low carbon footprint (saving raw materials by requiring less energy), recyclability (reducing waste), and strong environmental credentials. As more and more brands continue to adopt the use of rPET, we are setting a standard where rPET is routinely used instead of regular PET bottles. 

Life After the Recycling Bin

When PET packaging is recycled/discarded by the consumer, it becomes PET waste. The PET waste then makes it way to a material recovery facility (MRF) where it is sorted from other materials, baled, and sent to specific PET recycling facilities. At these new facilities, each bottle is washed and  contaminants are removed. The bottles then get sorted according to color and are ground into flakes or made into pellets. These flakes and pellets are then sold as raw material that can be used for a range of polyester products (bags, carpets, insulation, etc) or made back into PET bottles that can be recycled again and again. 

recycled plastic bags manufacturer

What is the rpet material certificate?

–1.Standard certified rpet materials are certified as follows

–2.Better RPET materials will have the following listing

Who is the best-recycled plastic bags manufacturer?

It is not difficult to see that to find the recycled plastic bags manufacturer, you need to have the following conditions:

1.Very familiar with recycled plastic bags, a very professional company, only such a company can provide you with quality service

2.Whether it is a recycled plastic bags manufacturer or a purchaser, there is a consensus on the use of new environmentally friendly materials rpet

3.The manufacturer of recycled plastic bags must have many years of experience in the production of luggage, and be able to provide sample services, but also have the ability to mass-produce, and more importantly, have the price advantage of the ex-factory price

UPBAG is an excellent manufacturer of recycled plastic bags, Since its establishment in 1999, it has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing bags and has a global recyclable standard certificate.

Why choose upbag?


75 % of our raw material factories are paying their workers a living wage, on average.

80 % of our raw  material is certified to the Global Recycled Standard.

90% of our product share uses recycled materials

We kept 10 tons of plastic waste out of the world’s oceans this year by turning to use recycled polyester. 

100 % of our lining is from GRS and OEKO certified yarns.

We recycled 1.8 millions plastic bottles to made our bags.

We use 768,590 biodegradable PLA packaging to instead plastic poly bag.

150+ workers are supported by Sedex Fair Trade program.

We built 12 sustainable capsule collection with customers in 2020.

93% of customers decided to replace regular materials to our sustainable materials gradually.

On the resources, upbag handbag manufacturer put the planet’s limited materials to good use and reuse. Some of the most innovative thinking at upbag goes toward producing fashion with recycled and renewable materials, making sure those products last as long as possible, and recovering everything by our suppliers and bring them to new production. By keeping materials in circulation, we get closer to ending our material on wastes. And when we waste nothing, that will truly be a success to our customers as well.

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