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Dust bag

Many bag products will be packed with dust bags. When choosing dust bags, you need to choose smooth and soft materials. Cotton and flannelette are both good materials and very common materials. There are also thin and soft nylon or polyester fabrics to do, usually 210D density, this material has the characteristics of easy cleaning, […]

Common backpack materials-DRing

D-shaped ring, named after its shape like the letter “D”. It is very versatile. Often used on the strap to fix the water pipe, or hang some small objects There are not many types of D-rings. The curvature is very smooth, suitable for picking with your index finger or thumb, so some bags will design […]

EVA materials

EVA is a kind of plasticizing material from resin. Different proportion of EVA has different properties and uses. The EVA used as the internal supporting material for bags generally contains 5% – 10% vinyl acetate. This material has low elasticity and certain hardness, which can support the shape of backpacks.

Common backpack materials-Hook

There are many types of hooks, there are very standard plastic hooks, there are some strange shapes. Generally speaking, no matter what kind of accessories, the stranger the appearance, the less use it is. Who calls the parents too professional? Here are a few typical introductions. Plastic hooks are rarely used on plug-in systems, because […]

Backpack strengthen materials

Some backpacks need to be made very strong, very fleshy, which requires making the outer skin of the backpack thick and carrying more auxiliary materials inside. Commonly used supporting materials include EVA, pp Foam, PVC band, bran paper, etc. Based on different parts and hardness requirements, different materials are used to support the whole product.

Bags Packing

The backpack will be squeezed during transportation, so in order to reduce the crush on the shape of the backpack during transportation, the newspaper or air bag will be filled when the backpack is packed, and then the dust bag or plastic bag will be put outside. Plugging paper will be more environmentally friendly, but […]

Bag production

In the process of bag production, there are always many uncertain in the emergency time. It is required that the documentary business should have sensitive tactile response to the problems. Because there is no time to correct when there have problem, so we need to prevent the problem exist, relevant quality inspection departments should be […]

Genuine Leather

After special processing, the fur is used to make various leather goods. There are many types of leathers, various varieties, different structures, different qualities, and very different prices. Therefore, genuine leather is not only a collective name for all natural leathers, but also an ambiguous mark on the commodity market.

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